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Teachers' day - 5 October
CLASS PHOTOS 2021/2022
Closing Ceremony (Sec) - 2021/2022
Class 6 Graduation - 2021/2022
Computer Science Laboratory

Photos from Students, parents and Alumni

When life gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade.
Optimism/Resilience in the face of adversity is so important - that's why we #MoveOn - we just keep moving.
Despite two Open Dreams meetings with the High Commissioner of South Africa to Cameroon and the consular team, and a team from the University of Pretoria, protocols mutually agreed upon, on easing the visa process for OD Scholars have never been fully binding - we had similar meetings with the US Embassy and they have been incredibly supportive.
South Africa is one of the African countries with a rather difficult visa issuance policy - the Yaounde High Commission has a very rude secretary (paradoxically a Cameroonian) who throws crazy jabs at service users with the blessings of the embassy authorities.
Over the past three years, 5 OD Scholars admitted into ALA got denied visas on baseless grounds. ALA reported the Embassy to higher SA authorities and threatened court action. As the wranglings unfolded, miraculous, all the Scholars got some really great and more appealing opportunities and moved on. We celebrated the success because discriminatory practices are inhuman and no one should be dehumanized. There is a lot South Africa can offer the continent of Africa as well as benefit from a cross-continental talent pool but xenophobic tendencies come in between. Here we celebrate John Njende, one of the ALA students that never was, but the Rise Foundation came knocking with a lifetime support of about $500,000 to attend any college of his choice anywhere in the world and to carry out community projects which are truly transformative. He is one of 100 others selected worldwide and of the pioneer batch.

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This First term closing brought the following Super kid and geek girl to the limelight. Forkou Djuiko Joyce scores above 17 average in Lower sixth Science. Remember Forkou Joyce? She is the one who led a team of teenage girls like herself to create a mobile application that connects Blood donors to recipients which won the first prize in the 2018 STEM prize organized by the Denis and Lenora Foretia foundation. Congratulations Forkou and keep up the great work. Go, Achievers!

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This First term closing brought the following Super kids to the limelight. Each of these kids you see is in Form 1 B and they all scored excellent averages above 17 in the First Term of 2021/2022. From Right to Left we have: Kamdem Kouam, Enang Ebangha Janice, Kimi Bito Nelcy, Nimba Wesley, Okale Princess and Binzouli Abvouma Myrrh. Congratulations kids and keep up the great work! Go, achievers!

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Yeti, a QIS Alumni, graduates with a GPA of 4/4 (Highest honours, Summa Cum Laude) from Miami University. Congratulations our dear daughter. The roots of QIS will continue to grow deeper and stronger as well as its flag flying beyond the sky limits. It takes a good educational base to score a cumulative GPA of 4/4 in the university. Congratulations to you Yeti our dear student. Thank you for raising the flag of QIS high out there. Wish you many more blessings and testimonies.

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