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End of Year 2023 (Secondary)

Best Students of the year 2023

Best Students of Form 1A 2023 - 1st: KOUMKANG CHLOE, 2nd: AKOUMBA OYONO, 3rd: TEMBEI CALLISTA. Best in Math: TSABENG PATRICIA. Mr. Environment: JING WELLINGTON

Best Students of Form 1B 2023 - 1st: ATTA GBADOMO, 2nd: FONDOP MIRYS, 3rd: NJIFEN FADILA.

Best Students of Form 2A 2023 - 1st: MELI TCHOUKEU, 2nd: SOME ALEXIA, 3rd: NGONGUE BELINGA YOHANN.

Best Students of Form 2B 2023 - 1st: TCHOUTAW CIMATCHE CALEB, 2nd: BINZOULI NICOLE, 3rd: NIMBA WESLEY. Best in English: ENANG EBANGHA JANICE, Best in Math: KAMDEM KOUAM, Best in Arts: OKALE PRINCESS, Most Creative: MBE MERCY

Best Students of Form 3A 2023 - 1st: TAYIMETHA OYONO, 2nd: EBONG NANG LEVI, Best in English: PETEGA NGAKO DAVEED.

Best Students of Form 3B 2023 - 1st: BLESSING PEARL ACHA, 2nd: FOTSING FONDOP GABRIEL, 3rd: NGO NLEND CECILE Best in Arts: MBAH LUCY IYAN.

Best Students of Form 4A 2023 - 1st: BUA KONGWE JUSTINA ZOE MALAIKA

Best Students of Form 4B 2023 - 1st: SONKENG AHOUNTE LARRY, 2nd: NTAME NGANDO NED, 3rd: YEMEFACK MARTY, Most Improved student: NNANGA NKOULOU PRINCESS

Best Students of Lower Sixth Arts 2023 - 1st: KUINGOUA KUINGOUA EMERY, 2nd: YEDE VICTOR, 3rd: HAMANI HEROINE

Best Students of Lower Sixth Science 2023 - 1st: MASHOUD MOULIOM HASSAN, 2nd: CHE EMILY ZOU, 3rd: EKITTY MARC ANTONY, Best Prefect: Emmanuel Dokie