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Talent day

What Talent day is about

We believe in allowing the students express themselves to the fullest that is why we created cultural day and talent day. For Achievers, learning occurs in many different settings beyond the walls of a traditional classroom. The Talent Days are an eventful occasion. The talents day is designed to allow all students to exhibit their special interest in dancing, singing, acting or some other area. Talent Day is a special event, what makes it special is not only the excitement it brings but the great experience to be lived. Over the years, we’ve seen children benefit in many ways from their Talent Day experiences. Not long ago, a very quiet, new-to-the-school child was having trouble finding a place in her class. On Talent Day, she shared her battery powered table fan, and the other children began to appreciate something that was important to their new classmate. To us, that’s the best part of Talent Days: giving children who have been stumbling a chance to shine.

The spectacular display of musical gifting seems to carry the day with a good number of the student presenters exercising their vocals by taking on the high musical notes. There are also fashion parades, food parades(Kermese) and sporting activities. The form one students bring out and array of inventions with the help of their physics and mathematics teachers. Older students of lower sixth and upper sixth delve into more mature activities like poems and drama. In a bid to link the industry with the students, the event offers a platform for students to meet and learn from talented people in the arts and entertainment industry in Cameroon. QIS alumni sometimes grace the occasion and give a talks on their experience in performing arts.

QIS is committed to giving students an opportunity to express themselves and be celebrated in academic and non-academic fronts of life. The school envisions to produce self-confident, creative and all round students.