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About Quality International School

Quality International School (Q.I.S) Yaounde is a group of schools (Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Primary, Secondary and High Schools) that meet the 21st century educational needs of children from the ages of two to seventeen years.

Q.I.S was born on September 9th 2002, out of the burden to provide Christian based affordable, quality education as the best preparation for adulthood

The students of Q.I.S are leaders in many youthful activities in churches in the city; have won trophies in sporting activities, drama, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) prizes.

Q.I.S treasures all her stakeholders, staff, parents, Ministries of Education, etc. Q.I.S also enjoys collaborative activities with many institutions such as IHS who recently donated an industrial generator to meet the electricity needs in a city with frequent power cuts and a borehole that provides the indispensible constant supply of water to the school and neighborhoods.

Q.I.S is a source of blessing to many families in the neighborhoods and beyond.

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2023 — 2024 Highlights

Our Vision

To create a faith based institution that emphasizes strong academics through dynamic programming, dedicated professional staff in facilities most conducive for learning, as the best preparation for responsible adulthood.

Our Mission

Our desire is to discover, encourage, and cultivate the gifts each child possesses, to deepen their faith, and to inspire each student to realize his\her full potential as we provide, equip, challenge, and inspire learners both spiritually and academically to impact their world through excellence and integrity.

In light of these beliefs, our objectives are to

  • Contribute to the advancement of moral, social, spiritual and intellectual education of young boys and girls, aged 3 to 17, in accordance with the educational policy governing schools in Cameroon, with an emphasis on STEM and STEAM.
  • Bring up a fulfilled individuals.
  • Provide psychological support and care to learners
  • Focus on extracurricular activities, professionalism of education, talent search, development and exposure.
  • Create nation builders, entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • Network with similar institutions that enhance global perspectives in youth education.
  • Become a center of excellence in Cameroon and beyond the boarders of Cameroon
  • Instill values of respect for other students and teachers (all people) as persons of value, made in the image of God.
  • Create an environment that encourages learners to become lifelong lovers of learning.
  • Encourage learners to develop critical thinking skills in research, logic and problem solving