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Although we are currently fully enrolled, it is possible that spots will arise between now and the first day of school in September. Please contact the admission office to discuss the possibility of enrollment for your child.

We Want to Meet Your Child!

At Quality International School, we create an educational experience that shapes eager students into purposeful, ethical, independent learners. Our students come from more than 80 different schools throughout Cameroon and around the world, and they all share one thing: an insatiable curiosity.

The diversity of our student body fosters mutual respect and the sharing of unique ideas, important components of learning and growing. Your child, too, has unique gifts and talents that can benefit from and be served by our community. We’d love to meet your family.

Quality International School Campus Tour

Applications for the school year 2022-23 will be available in early July 2022.

Quality International School is right for your child if You are looking for a school that:

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