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A Tradition of Excellence

A tradition of excellence of Quality International School

At QIS, the holistic training of students is our goal therefore the rigorous nature of the program and the selectivity of our admission policy. In 2018, 9 students were named finalists at the 2018 Denis and Lenora Foretia foundation’s STEM prize. Almost all QIS graduates enroll in three-year colleges immediately after graduation. Each year approximately 60 graduates enroll in more than 80 different institutions in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. Follow-up studies indicate that, on average, QIS graduates earn higher academic averages as college freshmen than they did as QIS students.

Student artists – visual and performing – create an imaginative range of work each year and are recognized at the national level for their skills, talent, and innovation. In 2009, Q.I.S pupils won the second prize in song competition organized by the ministry of Youth and the song was used at the eleventh February celebration that same year.

In addition to academic success, QIS’ student athletes have a remarkable legacy. QIS athletes have earned more than 10 championship titles through their dedication, earnest effort, and character. For more than a decade, Quality International School has been a beacon of excellence in Cameroon General education.