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Besong Margaret

Manager of Quality International School

"Quality International School is an educational establishment in the Etoug-Ebe neighbourhood in Yaounde, the Capital city of Cameroon. The school, situated at the edge of the middle-class residential area and the low in common neighbourhood of Etoug-Ebe village, provides a perfect environment for bringing together the needed resources to benefit children from both poor and middle-class families.

In Quality International School the young learners believe in an education that affects their hearts to show compassion, their heads to think clearly and make good choices and hands that are always willing to serve the community. We believe that a value-based Christian Education is the best preparation for responsible adulthood.

Please enjoy your visit to our website today. Once you have explored our site, we welcome you to visit our campus in person. You will see firsthand the community in action. See our dynamic classes, walk through our clean campus and witness our exciting and unique educational community. We look forward to seeing you soon."